Lymphatic Healing Treatments

Exclusively designed by Nancy Wakely for all types of surgeries. LHT is a 90-minute treatment of gentle, light strokes in the direction of the lymph fluid. We use special oils for your comfort.

Because of new technology, medical studies now show that surgery does in fact disrupt the natural flow of the lymphatic system. Surgery causes the lymph system to slow down. Fluid builds up around incisions and scars causing the skin to feel hard and tender to the touch.

LHT is designed to accelerate the flow of the lymph fluid. This drainage process releases toxins, anesthetic, and pain medications that have been held in the body tissue, and send them on their way to elimination.

LHT is highly recommended by Doctors to aid in healing their patients after all types of surgery. Not all lymphatic treatments are alike. This treatment is not yet being taught at massage schools. The Lymphatic Healing Center is the only place in town to get this treatment.


It is important to sweat!

After a LHT it is important to break a sweat. Our lymphatic system is designed to release excess fluids and toxins in two ways, through elimination and through the skin.

The dry sauna is the most recommended form of detoxification after a LHT. Post surgery instruction usually instructs that you not go into a jacuzzi or bathtub because there is a chance of infection at the incision site. A session in the infrared sauna is perfectly safe for post surgery patients.

At the Lymphatic Healing Center we offer you a dynamic infrared carbon sauna.

Infrared sauna promoters state that infrared radiant heat is safe and beneficial, claiming that the heat penetrates more than 1.5 inches into the body. They claim this heals and stimulates tissues, and that it is effective therapy for arthritis and tissue injuries. Promoters claim that using infrared saunas allows one to achieve health benefits similar to those from a conventional steam sauna or sweat.

Sauna Pricing

Single Sessions

  • 30-minutes: $40
  • 45-minutes: $45
  • 1-hour: $50


  • 10 sessions for 30-minutes each: $300
  • 10 sessions for 45-minutes each: $400

Unless you have a package, an appointment is required to use the sauna. It holds up to two clients and we cannot guarantee the use of the sauna solo. Sauna temperatures are set to 117° to 121° and no higher.

Though the majority of our clients are referred by medical offices, The Lymphatic Healing Center is not a medical facility. We do not bill insurance for our services. Lymphatic drainage massage (like all therapeutic massage) is physically demanding and labor-intensive. Like other massage therapists gratuity supplements our income and we are appreciative of any and all tips.